Setting a Course for Freedom


Get Involved

Thanks for your support!

Our desire is that folks find their freedom in Christ!  In keeping with the principle of personal responsibility, we know it is what the individual believes that either sets them free or takes them into further bondage (by the way, there is no middle road).

This platform allows for the appropriate level of coaching and encouragement. An individual must alone do it, but they need not do it alone.  Our experience is that 80% of all believers can resolve 80% of their issues on their own - praise the Lord!  We believe with coaching, the percentages increase dramatically as the Lord heals in community.

Having said all of that, we would love for you to get involved!  Here's some items to consider:

  1. Become part of the Coaching Team.  We typically have more requests than coaches.
  2. Become part of the Prayer Team.  We believe the primary battle is spiritual, and we need both strategic direction from the Lord as we minister to those that He sends our way.
  3. Lead a Journey Group.  A journey group is a small group of folks on the same path.
  4. Be a Network Leader.  A network leader has 2 or more small groups under their care.
  5. Be a Sponsor.  Cover the administrative costs of a participant, group, or network to participate at $25 per course.
  6. Be a Course Owner.  As the number of participants, groups, and networks grow, a course owner will be needed to manage the course, progress, and content improvements over time.
  7. Be a Platform Sponsor.  Cover the costs of platform development.  We have spent the better part of a year developing the technology and refactoring content at our own expense.  We can't do this without support indefinitely.
  8. Join the Platform Team!  If you have time, interest, and skills, then let's talk.  You would be surprised at the number of items great and small that we could use your help on.  Hanging out with us is fun too!

Rejoice, Steve and John