Setting a Course for Freedom


Grace Course

Welcome to an audio series based on the Freedom in Christ Grace Course.

To begin this course you will need to purchase two items: the Freedom in Christ Grace Course Participant's Guide, and the Steps to Freedom in Christ.  Please work with your coach or group leader on the best way to get those as it varies by country.  Please check out the Resources tab for more information on these and other related resources.   

This course directly deals with the discipleship process of truth, turning, and transformation.  Because many of us live in an information-heavy culture, we often shortchange the turning and transformation phases of the discipleship process.  

These audio files are based on the video course available from Freedom in Christ ministries.  In full disclosure, these audio files are available on Spotify. 

However, this platform from Freedom Courses adds a number of components that are designed to enhance individual or group engagement by participants, coaches, and leaders throughout the course.

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Having said all that, it is our desire that you work through the entire discipleship process, and develop a personal freedom plan to walk in the freedom that is the birthright of every believer in Jesus! 


July 2021


Sessions List

[ The Following Sessions are Available After Applying to Take the Full Course ]