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Welcome to Restored from Freedom Courses

This course is based on the book Restored written by Dr. Neil T. Anderson.

Note that Restored is focused primarily on the turning element of the discipleship process.  The discipleship process addresses three key elements - truth, turning, and transformation - which are discussed at greater length in other resources.

Restored supports a coaching approach.  Each chapter of Restored stands on its own by including teaching with associated declarations and prayers.  

In full disclosure, a PDF Edition of Restored is available from Freedom in Christ Ministries free of charge.  That may be sufficient for your purposes.  Other languages are available, and you can purchase the book in printed format as well.  

However, this platform from Freedom Courses adds a number of components that are designed to enhance individual or group engagement by participants, coaches, and leaders throughout the course.

Please note that this course is under construction.  If you are interested in supporting Freedom Courses, check out the various ways in the Get Involved selection above.  

Tabs are used below to navigate through the material.  The Journey Map tab provides the table of contents for the particular session and the text of the book chapter.  For the Home page (this page), the Journey Map tab contains the table of Contents for the entire book.  If you need technical assistance or have feedback, please fill out the form under the Help! tab.

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Sessions List

[ The Following Sessions are Available After Applying to Take the Full Course ]

Step 1 - Overcoming False Guidance

Step 2 - Overcoming Deception

Step 3 - Overcoming Bitterness

Step 4 - Overcoming Rebellion

Step 5 - Overcoming Pride

Step 6 - Overcoming Habitual Sin

Step 7 - Overcoming Ancestral Sins